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Have You Suffered a Workplace Injury? You May Need a Workplace Compensation Lawyer for Legal Advice

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Accidents in the workplace are generally rare, but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen. Some of the most common workplace injuries are slipping or tripping at work, muscle strain from heavy lifting, repetitive strain injuries, crashes or collisions, and exposure to dangerous levels of noise or hazardous chemicals.


If you are involved in a work-related incident and sustain an injury, it will be important for you to learn about the legal options available to you. The best way to do this is to seek out an experienced workplace injury lawyer. A lawyer who can provide workplace legal advice will be able to help you determine whether to seek workers’ compensation.


What You Should Know about Workers’ Compensation (from a Lawyer with Experience)

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance meant to provide money to cover wages lost and medical expenses incurred when an injury occurs. Each business that hires full-time, part-time, casual, or contract-based workers must cover them with workers’ compensation insurance. The details of this insurance can vary, which is why employees need to understand their coverage thoroughly before filing a claim.


The best way to obtain actionable information about your workers’ compensation is through a lawyer who can review your case and deliver information to you in clear, concrete terms. Don’t leave the vital matter of compensation to an inexperienced lawyer. A workplace lawyer should be able to demonstrate the following qualities to show you can trust them with your case:

  • Experienced in workplace injury cases with years spent as a civil litigator.
  • Provides personalised service and focuses on the details of your case so you can count on them to fight for the outcome you want.
  • Experienced with the state government, which regulates workers’ compensation. Hiring a lawyer who has worked as a government solicitor means they will have firsthand experience with the process from the other side.
  • Transparency in costs and fees so you are not surprised by the cost of pursuing your case.
  • A willingness to explain complex matters in simple terms you can understand so you never feel kept in the dark during your proceedings and remain in control of your situation.

Choose Gabrielle Martin, Barrister & Solicitor


Gabrielle Martin has worked for more than 18 years as a government solicitor and has been running her own thriving practice since 2013. In that time, she has helped many clients with their civil cases, including workers’ compensation claims. Her skill as a litigator is matched by her personal investment in each of her clients, who count on her for dedicated and detail-oriented work that aligns with their interests instead of relying on generic solutions.


Don’t leave workers’ compensation claims in the hands of a legal representative who won’t adequately defend your rights and interests. Call now to receive more information or to schedule a consultation for your case.

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