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Don’t Overlook Medical Errors: Get the Compensation You Deserve with the Help of a Negligence Lawyer and Barrister

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Did you know that Australia has one of the highest rates of clinical error in the entire developed world? Past estimates have suggested that as many as 18,000 Australian patients die in hospitals each year due to medical negligence. Another 50,000 people suffer permanent injuries because of negligence. If you or a family member has been affected by medical negligence, then you ought to consult with a medical negligence lawyer to see whether you might have a malpractice case on your hands.


Determining Medical Negligence: Why Consulting with an Experienced Negligence Lawyer is Imperative

Medical malpractice has vast consequences for anyone touched by its sweep. For patients who suffer medical malpractice but survive, medical negligence can drastically impair quality of life. It can rob patients of their mobility, reduce their mental faculties, preclude them from earning an income and more. For families of patients, the grief, pain, suffering and undue strain of medical negligence are astronomical. Simply put, if you think that you or someone you love has been negatively impacted by the decisions of a medical professional who failed to take reasonable care in providing treatment, you should pursue legal action.


Before you take any steps towards legal action, though, it is essential to sit down with a medical negligence lawyer to discuss your case. Proving negligence is not easy. Not all errors that lead to death or injury in a hospital setting qualify as negligence. To win a medical negligence case, it is necessary to prove that the medical professional not only made a mistake but also that 1) their error was the most likely cause of the patient’s death or injury, and 2) they failed to take ‘reasonable care’ with the treatment decisions or manoeuvres they made.


Gabrielle Martin is a medical negligence barrister based in Darwin. She can advise you on your negligence case and help you determine your odds of success in court. Negligence cases can be expensive and emotionally trying, so understanding your chances at the outset of your case is critical. Ms Martin will listen carefully to your account and review any documentation or evidence you have. From there, she will discuss your options with you and help you decide on how to proceed. If you do opt to take your case to court, Ms Martin’s experience as a barrister will make her the perfect advocate for your claim.


Determine Your Legal Options; Have a Conversation with Gabrielle Martin Today


Medical professionals should be held accountable for their actions. Poor quality treatment has considerable detrimental effects on families and communities throughout Australia and should not go unchallenged. If you believe that you or someone you love has been a victim of negligence, you should at least consult a negligence lawyer. The fact is that you never know how strong your case is until you consult with a legal professional. Having a conversation with a Darwin medical negligence barrister such as Gabrielle Martin can shed some light on the subject and help you make the right legal decision. Call today for a consultation.

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