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A Guide to Employment Legal Advice: How to Find an Employment Law Lawyer, Solicitor, or Barrister

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The relationships between employees and their employers should be peaceful and professional, but sometimes disputes can strain those relationships. If a conflict ever escalates to the point where one party takes the other to court, both sides need to be represented by legal professionals who will understand their positions thoroughly and serve their interests.


Employees are entitled to rights under Australian employment law. Employers cannot dismiss an employee or refuse employment based on an attribute like their gender, age, political beliefs, or pregnancy. There are limitations to what can be demanded of an employee regarding work hours, paid leave, safe working conditions, and other workplace factors.


If you have recently found yourself in a dispute with your employer, it is in your best interests to contact a solicitor who has experience with employment law. A lawyer who can act as an employment barrister on your behalf will give you a stronger chance of getting the recognition and the legal outcome you want.

When Should You Seek Employment Legal Advice in Darwin?

It’s never too soon to look for employment legal advice once you are in dispute. The earlier you can find sound information from a qualified professional, the better your chances of preventing the situation from escalating, or adequately preparing the case you’ll make if it does. Hiring an employment solicitor to represent you is straightforward when you know what to look for:

  1. Make sure your employment lawyer has several years of experience. Lawyers remain sharp and provide meaningful assistance to their clients with relevant experience behind them.
  2. Make sure your solicitor will take a pragmatic approach to your case. Lawyers with excellent communication skills will be able to put the facts of your case in terms that are easy to understand so you can make decisions that help your cause.
  3. Make sure you choose a barrister with a transparent and fair consultation process. A first consultation should involve going over the documentation you have, discussing which strategy to pursue, and reviewing a cost agreement you can use to budget for future services.
  4. Make sure you choose a lawyer who takes a personal approach to your case. Large firms in Darwin may be more inclined to see you as part of their bottom line. Smaller ones can invest more time and energy in the specifics of your case.

Why Gabrielle Martin?


Gabrielle Martin has been running her own practice since 2013 and has over 18 years of experience as a government solicitor. She brings a wealth of experience to civil matters, including employment law. If you have recently been unfairly dismissed, subject to discrimination, or are seeking workers’ compensation in the aftermath of a workplace accident, then Ms Martin can help. She will be happy to provide you with legal advice during an initial consultation, after which you will receive a cost agreement and the option to continue using her services. For more information on Gabrielle Martin or her work, contact her office at your earliest convenience.

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