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Need Community Legal Services? Finding Advice from a Trusted Lawyer

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Each community has a unique makeup of people, and unique needs and potential challenges along with it. These challenges range from simple to complex and sometimes involve sensitive legal matters. Members of communities should have access to local community legal services to defend themselves in a situation that includes disputes with local employers, landlords, or even neighbours.


A community lawyer can help you and your fellow Darwin community members with help you can use to feel supported and legally protected in case of a dispute. Here are of the few of the community scenarios you may encounter that call for legal aid.

  • Workers’ rights: you might be struggling to secure adequate compensation for your work or thinking about filing a workers’ compensation claim for something that happened to you on the job. You might be dealing with discriminatory practices at your workplace. A lawyer with experience in these matters can represent your interests so you recieve what’s owed to you.
  • Income Security: issues related to superannuation call for a community lawyer.
  • Housing: struggling with a landlord who has violated the terms of your lease or trying to evict a tenant who does not respect the agreement you’ve signed? A community lawyer can help.
  • Mental Health: if you have been involuntarily detained or are dealing with a custody issue related to your mental health, you may require advice from a lawyer who has previous experience in such matters.
  • Human Rights: if you are dealing with discrimination outside of work, a lawyer can help.
  • Other Civil Matters: from neighbourhood disputes such as barking dogs and fence placement to more urgent matters, a versatile community lawyer can help you resolve matters and press for the outcome that will benefit you.

Choosing a Source for Community Legal Advice and Services in Darwin

When you look for a community lawyer to help you in any of these areas, find someone who will listen closely to the facts of your case and take an involved approach. Gabrielle Martin is a legal professional with more than 18 years of experience working as a government solicitor. As the leader of her own practice since 2013, she has helped many members of the Darwin community with legal advice and services.


Call Gabrielle Martin and Learn More


You deserve to feel safe and protected under the law in your community, and having access to high-quality community legal services can help. Whether you are engaged in a simple dispute with a neighbour or a claim against an entire institution, contact Gabrielle Martin and allow her to set up a consultation where she will provide you with information you can use to choose the best strategy for you.

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