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What Does a Civil Litigation Lawyer Do? Learn the Truth about Civil Solicitors

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Not all court cases involve criminal matters. Many cases fall under the umbrella of civil disputes—instances in which one party seeks money or services from another. The outcome of such cases are still determined by a trial and may involve either a judge or a jury. They’ll also include lawyers, which is why it’s so important to make sure you have the right civil lawyer representing you in court.


Which Cases Require a Civil Litigation Lawyer?

A lawyer who routinely works on civil cases is a civil litigation lawyer or civil solicitor. Civil solicitors must have detailed knowledge of many types of proceedings since civil disputes can arise in so many situations. In Darwin, civil litigation solicitors are most commonly sought out for their help with the following conflicts.

  • Environmental law: for example, cases where the actions of one party have impacted the environment of another to the point where that party seeks damages.
  • Disputes between landlords and tenants: including evictions, squatters’ rights, repairs not undertaken by the landlord, or conflicts over withheld bond or rent.
  • Real estate lawsuits: often undertaken to enforce the terms of a contract between a buyer and a seller under Australian Consumer Law.
  • Product liability: involving claims made against a manufacturer for producing a defective product.
  • Construction liability: involving claims made against a builder for creating a faulty structure.
  • Anti-trust litigation: to protect consumers from businesses engaged in predatory practices.
  • Disputes over intellectual property rights: to settle matters between artists, inventors, and other creators who are in discussions regarding plagiarism or the rights to their work.
  • Personal injury claims: when one party has suffered an injury due to the negligence or misconduct of another.
  • Workers’ Compensation claims: often made to recoup lost wages and medical benefits for a worker who has been injured on the job instead of suing the employer.
  • Medical negligence claims: if a medical professional’s aberrant behaviour causes injury to one of their patients.
  • Disputes between employers and employees or labourers: most commonly, these apply to situations in which employees feel the compensation they receive is not enough for them to meet their basic needs.
  • Discrimination: where a person has been treated differently on the basis of an attribute or characteristic (gender, age, political beliefs, pregnancy or ethnicity).
  • Divorce suits: to settle the terms of a separation or divorce.
  • Small business standard contract disputes
  • Family Law / Family Matters Court childaccess issues
  • Domestic Violence victims of DV needing to apply to court for restraint orders
  • Letters of Demand where your account has not been paid and your requests for payment have been ignored

Find Legal Help for Your Situation


Civil matters can have a substantial impact on the lives of those who are dealing with them—so if you have a civil case to attend to, hire a qualified civil lawyer. Gabrielle Martin is one of the most versatile and committed civil solicitors in the Darwin area. Her experience and knowledge allow her to represent client interests with skill while providing a personal touch that guarantees she will be acquainted with the subtler points of each case. To learn more, contact her now and request more information.

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